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Skintelligence Facial Firming Masque - Single Bottle (120 mL / 4 fl. oz.)

What Makes Skintelligence Facial Firming Masque Unique? Skintelligence Facial Firming Masque is a breakthrough in masque technology. The Skintelligence Facial Firming Masque tightens and tones your facial skin ...

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Single Bottle (120 mL / 4 fl. oz.)
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Skintelligence Facial Firming Masque is a breakthrough in masque technology. The Skintelligence Facial Firming Masque tightens and tones your facial skin while helping to remove impurities from deep within your skin. This facial masque promotes circulation and skin texture, and can help to temporarily erase the effects of time, stress and the environment. Use this wonderful product twice a week.


  • Deep cleanses the pores and removes sebaceous "pore-clogging" impurities
  • Tightens and tones the skin
  • Temporarily "erases" fine lines from the face
  • Smoothes skin and leaves it feeling as soft as a baby's skin
  • Easy to use - use twice weekly


Aloe Vera
The fresh juice of the aloe plant acts as a skin softening agent when used in skin creams and cosmetics.

Geranium Extract
Used as a natural fragrance.

Lavender Extract
Herb known for its tension relieving properties, as well as its pleasant fragrance.

Goldenseal Extract
Made from the root of the goldenseal plant. Enhances the potency of other herbs.

Hops Extract
Derived from the carefully dried cone-like fruit of the hops plant grown in Europe, Asia and North America. Used primarily for its aromatic properties.

Horsetail Extract
Made from the equisetum stems of the plant.

Lemon Grass Extract
Distilled from the leaves of lemon grass. Used in the preparation of cosmetics and perfumes for its fragrance.

Witch Hazel Extract
Made from the leaves and/or branches of the Hamamelis virginiana plant. Used as a skin freshener and astringent.


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by PaddyH

Great gift for grand daughters

I love a masque and so do my 4 grand daughters. A friend of mine( a salon owner ) suggested to alternate the Skintelligence with the Lumiere d vie masque
Each one does a little something good for your skin and a fun night with my favorite girls!!

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by Anonymous

For a face as smooth as a baby’s bottom 😍!

I love to the relaxing time when I am my Skintelligence facial mask! Everyone should do this at least once a week!
And much more us after the facial which takes less than 15 minutes, my face felt like it had a lift to it😀, and it’s so smooth to the touch. Over a bit of time, the pores and black heads clears up! I LOVE IT! Shared with my friends, they love it too!


by ANG

Good product for clearing black heads!

I use this product to clear black heads! its very effective and very easy to use!







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